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Meet the Team Behind the Dream

Who Are We?

Hey! And welcome to our little corner of the internet! We are Alex & Sam and we make up the Special Skoolie. We are a brother and sister duo down in Orlando Florida hopping on the skoolie bandwagon to get a little piece of the delicious adventure pie, with one little twist.

In April of 2016, after a freak fall out of a hammock, Sam broke his neck which in turn severed his spinal cord at the C5 level, leaving him a quadriplegic meaning he no longer has feeling in all four of his appendages. He was told by surgeons and doctors he would never move his upper or lower body again but after three years of hard work, dedication and a whole lot of help, Sam has some pretty remarkable arm movement.

After years of working professionally riding horses, I chose to move home to take care of my brother full time when it became too difficult to receive quality caregiving.

Initially after the accident, Sam had expressed his desire to travel and see the world, frustrated that this may never be a possibility for him in his new condition. He wasn't alone- a lot of the feedback he was receiving from the handicap community was reassurance that travel in his condition was difficult, exhausting, dangerous and virtually impossible. So many shared stories of their own travels when their chairs were damaged in flight or handicap hotel rooms that were booked originally were not available come time for check-in.

After a lot of research and imagination, we came across the skoolie community. Fascinated with the idea that people were converting decommissioned school buses into livable spaces was encouraging for us during a time of constant discouragement. The idea of building a school bus custom to Sam's needs seemed like a no-brainer. He would be able to have the comfort and luxuries able-bodied travelers took for granted regularly.

So with little knowledge and a lot of hesitance, we purchased the school bus and began work with one goal in mind- make accessible travel possible. Enter It is here that we anticipate an all encompassing adventure source for the handicap community. Life happened in an abrupt and tragic way a few years ago for our family, but we refuse to allow those circumstances to dictate how we experience life. 

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