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So you want to travel but you're feeling limited. Life has taken its toll on you or someone you know and seeing the world seems like just what you want, while simultaneously seeming like the least possible thing on your to-do list. If only there were a means to travel that allowed you the comfort and protection of home but the adventuresome spirit you so boldly posses. Maybe there is. And maybe it's more doable than you think. Dig into our blog to learn more about how our dreams and plans can pave the way for your very own.



Catch Up On The Vlog

Feel alone? Feel like the only person crazy enough to dream this big? So did we, but there's no need. Everyone's story is different and there's no one solution to fit everyone, but we believe a skoolie is a perfect canvas to create your adventure masterpiece. Head over to our YouTube to get useful how-to's along with helpful information to educate yourself on what should be anything but a daunting process!



Stay In Touch

When we started this journey, we were met with a myriad of different voices, and sometimes no voice at all. The skoolie community is one of support and constant encouragement and special skoolies are no exception. We want to hear from you- considering your options but doubtful this could fit your needs? Reach out to us! Embarking on this journey yourself and have a list of specialized questions? Reach out to us! Send us a message and let us know how we are doing- we would LOVE to hear from you!

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